Why Do I Have To Put In My Payment Info?

We know people don’t like putting in payment info at the start of a trial. In fact, as a human being I don’t like it either, however, we have some specific reasons as to why we do this:

We’re A Small Company

NinjaOutreach is a relatively small team. Read more about us here:

At the same time, we love to give our customers crazy amounts of attention and help. You’ll notice we have a live chat app called User.com and are pretty fast to respond (often within 10 minutes).

As a result, we want to limit the number of people who use the application to those who are serious about trying it out and not simply tire kickers.

Weeding out the tire kickers also helps us prioritize feedback amongst those who are genuinely interested in the application. We take feedback seriously and prioritize development based off of it.

It’s Very Common

It’s worth pointing out that requiring payment information upfront is very common in SasS apps, including our competitors. Buzzstream, for example, also requires payment information up front.

Another example is BareMetrics.

Some companies don’t even have their pricing displayed on the website or a way to check out at all but require you to set up a demo (GroupHigh).

MBG, Cancel Anytime

Remember, you can cancel anytime. You can do that sending us an email.

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