How Can I Contact Instagram Influencers In Bulk?

Contacting Instagram influencers is slightly different from how you contact other types of influencers in NinjaOutreach.

First, for legal reasons, we can not disclose the email addresses of the Instagram influencers.

The process works like this:

  1. You send us your request to contact the Instagram influencer.
  2. We receive your request and contact the Instagram influencers ourselves.
  3. If the Instagram influencer replies, we send it to you, and you can then obtain the Instagram influencer’s email address.

But does this process mean you have to contact Instagram influencers one by one?


Here is how to contact Instagram influencers in bulk:

  1. Go to the “Instagram influencers” search option.
  2. Run your search with your target keyword. 
  3. Apply the search filters that you need. 
  4. Select the leads you want to contact. (Or click the instant bulk option checkbox if you want to contact all the Instagram leads saved in your list.)
  5. Click on the “Contact” button, and insert your message. 
  6. Click SEND and this message will be sent to all the leads you have selected.

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