How To Send Through Contact Forms

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to reach out to websites via their contact forms fast and easy! How it works. Before we go into the nitty-gritty steps, sending through contact forms simply allows you the ability to send a specific message (email) – whether new or pre-written – through a contact […]

How To Manage Blogger Relationships

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can easily and quickly manage each of your leads such as their profile, relationship status, notes, sent emails, and RSS feed. So, firstly, head to Lists and select “Your Leads”. Simply hover over the bottom left bar of your lead card and options such […]

How Can I Contact Instagram Influencers In Bulk?

Contacting Instagram influencers is slightly different from how you contact other types of influencers in NinjaOutreach. First, for legal reasons, we can not disclose the email addresses of the Instagram influencers. The process works like this: You send us your request to contact the Instagram influencer. We receive your request […]

How To Install And Use The Chrome Extension

How to install NinjaOutreach Chrome extension and what you can do with it: In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to install our NinjaOutreach Chrome Extension and all the cool things you can do/achieve with it! Namely, you’ll have access to dozens of SEO metrics about any page and […]

Why Do I Have To Put In My Payment Info?

We know people don’t like putting in payment info at the start of a trial. In fact, as a human being I don’t like it either, however, we have some specific reasons as to why we do this: We’re A Small Company NinjaOutreach is a relatively small team. Read more about […]

How To Use NinjaOutreach To Generate Leads And Make Sales

Lead generation is integral to every business and many do it through email. Although NinjaOutreach is typically seen as a blogger outreach tool, it works quite well for lead generation too, specifically in the B2B space. Read the full article here: >> How To Use NinjaOutreach To Generate Leads And Make […]