How To Use NinjaOutreach To Find Bloggers In Other Countries

 Although the majority of NinjaOutreach’s database is from the US/UK, you can find bloggers from other countries through a variety of methods. How To Import And Export Lists Into Ninja Outreach How To Install And Use The Chrome Extension Read the full article here: >> How To Use NinjaOutreach To […]

How To Send A Test Email

Can’t figure out how you can send a test email first? No worries, this tutorial will show you exactly how you can do that! Step 1: Connect your email account first. The “Send Test Email” feature won’t work unless an active email account is connected first. You can learn how to […]

How To Invite Team Members and Collaborate

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to invite team members and how to collaborate together on NinjaOutreach. Step 1: Inviting team members: Click on your menu and select Settings. In Settings, click the “My Team” tab. Then, enter the name (optional) and email address of the team […]

How To Create Custom Templates and Backup Custom Fields

But hey, we know you’d like some flexibility to flex your writing skills so here is a tutorial on how you can create your own custom templates, fix up some backup custom fields, and adding your own email signature. Step 1: Create a Custom Template Hover over the Outreach tab and […]

How To Import and Export Lists

Do you want to import/export your lists? Well, you’ve come to the right place. First things first, NinjaOutreach has two kinds of imports: Bulk Website Import – You paste a website link, we crawl them, we package it neatly, and we deliver it to you as a file. CSV Import – You […]