How Do You Prevent Emails from Getting Flagged/Blocked?

Do you handle small or large outreach campaigns and need to send tons of emails regularly all while making sure they make it to the inbox?

If you’re worried about getting flagged as SPAM or blocked, below are the steps we take to help reduce the likelihood of this happening to you:

  • We check receiving emails to make sure emails are sent only to working email addresses.
  • For automated outreach, our system limits the number of emails an account can send in a given time.
  • You can enable CAN-SPAM in their email templates. With CAN-SPAM enabled, email recipients can easily unsubscribe, which lessens your chances of getting flagged as spam. We highly recommend you use this and may suspend your account if you don’t.
  • You can customize each email address using auto-filled custom fields like “name,” decreasing the chances of being marked as spam.

If you need extra help in dealing with this issue, let us know, and we can send you a detailed guidelines.

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