Why You Need A Different Domain For Sending Cold Outreach Emails

At NinjaOutreach, we have domains that are used specifically just for cold email outreach that we send using our app.

The idea for using special domains for cold email outreach is to protect your brand’s domain integrity.

For example, we send ALL customer communications via NinjaOutreach.com but for cold outreach, we use either NinjaOutreach.net or NinjaOutreach.co.

Here are a few more reasons why that is important:

  1. There are factors related to spam that are uncontrollable when sending unsolicited emails. A recipient could flag your email as spam, for example.
  2. You want your brand’s domain to be able to deliver all the time to your intended recipients (your users and subscribers). So, it’s important to keep the domain that you use for sending your business emails and newsletters safe from spam reports (that the domains you use for cold outreach may get).

By having a separate domain dedicated to cold emailing, you are ensuring that your brand’s official emails are delivered at a higher rate.

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