Why Is A Hosted Email Better For Outreach Than Emails Hosted By Gmail Or Outlook?


If you use a Gmail-hosted account to send your outreach emails, you may have come across the message above more than a few times.

You could even get that notice even when you’ve sent just a handful of emails.

There is no definite reason why this happens. The error code itself is vague. However, based on our research, it appears that it’s a way for Gmail to block their own users from sending the same message over and over. The same goes for Outlook (Office365) hosted email accounts.

There’s a way to work around this and that’s by using “Spintax” or dynamic text in your templates.

Spintax is what we call the process of putting alternative phrases in your email templates to create tons of potential unique combinations.

Using spintax ensures that you are sending unique content for each batch of emails you send in a single outreach cycle, and it lessens your chances of getting flagged as spam.

Here’s how to do add spintax to your templates:

First, let’s say you want to open your email by saying:

Hope all is well.

My name Aris and I work as a marketer at NinjaOutreach. I’m emailing because I noticed that you have linked to a certain post which I’ve recently read – (insert post here).

You can add spintax to your email template by following the format below:

[phrase1 here | phrase2 here]

[Hope all is well. | Greetings! | I hope I’m not interrupting anything.]

[My name is Aris | Aris here] and [I work as a marketer | I’m a marketer] at NinjaOutreach. [I’m emailing | I’m reaching out] because [I noticed | I saw] [that you have linked to a certain | you mentioned a] post which I’ve recently read – (insert post here)

This way, your email intro will have about 96 unique combinations before it repeats, and that’s just for the first paragraph.

As you add more dynamic text alternatives all over your template, the number of unique combinations will grow.

If creating spintax email templates sounds like too much work for you, then we strongly suggest using a hosted email account from the likes of Namecheap, Siteground, and WPXhosting, to name a few.

You can easily connect these emails via IMAP / SMTP integration and our Support Ninjas can also help set it up for you.

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