What If I Go Over My Plan Limits?

If you exceed your plan limits, don’t panic. Here’s what’s going to happen:

    1. You will be automatically upgraded so you can keep adding contacts, seats, and emails as you need them.
    2. Your expansion fees will be automatically charged.
      • Additional email integration: $19/month
      • Additional user: $19/month
      • Leads expansion: $4.90/per group of 100 contacts per month
      • Additional export of leads: $9.99/100 per group of 100 contacts per month
    3.  You will be able to track all your expansions via the Payment&Billing page where you can also see your base plan limits.

And that’s it!

Your pages will continue to function as normal and you will still be able to access your account and all your data. Nothing is lost or erased. Rest assured!

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